b. 1983, Florida USA
BFA 2006, School of Visual Arts
MSEd 2011, The City College of New York
Europe-based - Granada, Spain

As well as photography, Adam is passionate about education. While studying at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, he mentored photography students at Washington Irving High School and worked with the America Reads program in Brooklyn. In 2006 he graduated with honors from SVA with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

He spent the summers of 2005 through 2008 working as a lifeguard, waterfront director, and photography instructor with the Fresh Air Fund at Camp Mariah (the Career Awareness Program) and Camp Hidden Valley (children with special needs).

During the fall of 2007, he taught math and English at a secondary school in a small village in the Mukono District of Uganda in East Africa. He collaborated closely with VOLSET Foundation, a Ugandan-run, grassroots NGO which works to alleviate the suffering caused by HIV/AIDS in their community. He also worked with Jeff Smith and Kelley Cope on their project that provided malaria-preventing mosquito nets to remote villages.

In 2008, he was accepted into Cohort 16 of the NYC Teaching Fellows, whose mission is to recruit and prepare high-quality, dedicated individuals to become teachers who raise student achievement in New York City public schools. He taught Special Education and photography courses at the Henry Street School for International Studies on the lower east side of Manhattan.

He served as an international delegate in Bahrain on The Education Project, an annual conference that showcases seedling models of innovation and success in education, and encourages teachers and school leaders from private and public sectors to adapt those models in their schools.

The New York City Department of Education granted Adam tenure in 2011 and he graduated with honors from The City College of New York with a Master of Science in Education degree.

Adam is a program leader for the International Leadership Program (in connection with Global LAB), which prepares NYC public high school students for college and teaches them 21st Century leadership skills through workshops in New York and a 3-week cultural immersion experience in North India, where students meet and work with influential people and NGOs to analyze the strategies they are using to make a difference so the students can implement these strategies in a project they lead at their schools to improve their communities.

He is a Shelterbox Response Team member. ShelterBox responds instantly to natural disasters and conflict, which leave millions of families around the world homeless every year, providing them with a durable container holding everything they need to get back on their feet, including shelter. In 2013, while teaching Citizenship and World Religions at Granada College, a bilingual primary and secondary school in Southern Spain, his students were able to fundraise enough money to sponsor a Shelterbox.

During his three years in Europe, Adam has lived in Barcelona, Valencia and Granada in Spain; and in Trieste, Italy. He is fluent in Spanish and proficient in Italian.